Be true to your values

I had breakfast with the CEO of a top Brisbane Accounting firm yesterday and he gave me some great insights into creating your own values and how to stick by them.

One of the things he mentioned what that everyone should have a set of values that they live by, stand by and never think of going against. There are always going to be times where we get to a point and we are stuck, be it work life, family, personal life etc and you cant say you haven’t been there before. One of the most important things in these instances is to stop, stand back and take a look at how the situation you are in lines up with your values. Are the things you are doing and experiencing in line with them or have you slipped over the rails into out-of-bounds territory. The key is to constantly take the time to check yourself. Your values are your safety net. You can always fall back on them, but they must be there to start with… What are your’s?

My values:
– Always make sure my family and friends are taken care of
– Help someone before I help myself
– Help bring out the best in people
– Constantly educate myself
– Be true to myself and my beliefs
– Trust my instincts
– Treat people as I would like to be treated
– Attract success, don’t chase it


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