Using Analogies to Simplify

I have been doing some forum surfing tonight reading posts from a number of people who I look up to. I found it interesting after reading only a few posts from a mentor of mine Rob Nixon ( and another guy I really rate named Simon Sinek ( that they were saying the same thing.

Rob used the analogy in one of his recent posts that Business (and I think life as well) is like a set of monkey bars. You can only progress/move forward by letting go.

Simon on his forum used the analogy of a shark breathing. He described that a shark can only survive by moving forward because if it just sits around, the water will not flow through to its gills properly to provide it oxygen and it will sink to the bottom and die. He called it Obligatory Ram Ventilation (must move forward)

Two totally differently analogies but basically saying the same thing, the importance of moving forward.

It’s interesting how we can use simple analogies and situations to explain and simplify situations that can often be quite complex in our minds.


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