If you are setting goals, actioning plans, storming ideas, working hard and educating yourself, you are more than likely seeking guidance from someone. Who will this someone be? This person is commonly referred to as a mentor. A mentor is willing to give you guidance, share their wisdom and knowledge and teach you valuable lessons whilst you create your path to your success. There are some important things you need to consider when choosing who you wish to mentor you.
Be clear of your intentions
More often than not, your desired mentor will be someone who already lives a fairly hectic schedule. If you truly wish for someone imparticular to be your mentor, don’t just assume them the responsibility. You need to approach them and lay down your intentions.  You need to be clear on what you want to achieve and work with them to discover how you can help each other out. Don’t be disheartened if they do not wish to talk up the responsibility, but a little persistence never goes astray and is often appreciated.

Is this person someone you wish to seek guidance from?
A lot of people fall into the trap of asking someone who has an obvious wealth and nice things to be their mentor because they want what they have. It doesn’t work like this. You need to do your research on this person, observe how they do business, how they treat other people, how they treat you, what they ask of people.. Your mentor needs to be someone you look up to, someone you aspire to having similar qualities and values as. You don’t want to be learning and seeking guidance from someone you don’t connect with or doesn’t believe what you believe to some extent.

Its a fine line
You walk a fine line when working with a mentor. You may be asking too much of them and this mainly comes down to their time. Their time is just as precious as yours is so remember to be mindful of this. Check yourself when speaking with them, make questions clear and concise and listen intently to every word that comes out of their mouth. Offer to buy them breakfast or meet with them at a time that suits. I’ve offered to go on 5am morning runs but likely they politely rescheduled, was a 15km run!!

Always have your hand up
If your mentor requests you do something for them, you do it. It’s just as much about helping and giving back to them as it is them helping you. Your hand should always be up! They shouldn’t have to think about who they should choose to get something done when they need it, they should see you standing there with your hand up ready. It can sometimes be a little painful, I have helped lay to rest old pets in far out places, cleaned houses, chauffeured, jumped on planes with minutes notice, but although sometimes a little painful, they are normally the best opportunities to interact with your mentor and you can have fun doing it (apart from burying the dog, that was sad!) Because at the end of the day you want to have a strong relationship/friendship with them. They are your hero in some regards!

Pay it forward
No doubt, if you work hard enough, if you listen intently and learn furiously, you will achieve your success. Remember to help and credit the people who helped you along the way but also realize that there is a younger you out there searching for the same guidance and help that you once did. Remember to pay it forward, take the time to teach and pass on your wisdom and knowledge so someone else’s success can be achieved.

Who’s your mentor?…. Who are you mentoring?

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