What gets you out of bed every morning?

It’s 5something in the morning at the moment and I’ve decided to get up and write to you all.. Am I crazy, a little weird, a little too much time on my hands OR Am I passionate about what I do, about the network, about the work I do… I would like to think it is the later. I think everyone needs to ask themselves once in a while, does what I’m currently doing get me out of bed in the morning pumped and ready to go, or would you rather stay hidden under the covers for as long as possible?

We tend to get caught up in the daily grind of things. Why is this though? Why aren’t we all out there every day living the lives and doing the things we really want to be doing? I believe that a lot of this passion and drive to do the things we really love and enjoy is washed out of us throughout our schooling years. I’m sure most of you agree, the common theme at school was; head down, bum up, get good grades on all subjects especially math, english and science, be a good student and once you work your but off to graduate you choose a course at university and that’s your career. Hey presto, you are set.

I don’t think we should work this way, we should be exposed to more opportunity for exploring what it is we really enjoy doing! It’s not too late though. As much as we have been told to get a good job and stick to it, you have two choices if you are in it:

1. Continue what you are doing everyday, try to enjoy it, make an ok living and enjoy whatever free time you get.

2. Make a plan, make a decision and ACT on it. Start the process of moving towards a hobbie, job, career that you actually see yourself enjoying and wanting to get out of bed because you want to be there everyday.

Without being to philosophical, life is short, there is only one of them (as far as I know so far)… Make a decision to do what is it is that you are passionate about! Do something that has you jumping to get out of bed every morning!

Happy Tuesday, make it a good one.

One thought on “What gets you out of bed every morning?

  1. Amen brother, well put! Too many people settle for their dead-end jobs without getting out there, seeing the world or finding their true passion! Not always the easiest thing to do, but finding a rewarding and fullfilling career that one can be passionate about is definitely something worth strive towards!

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