Mentoring Session #2

Its a bright sunny morning in Brisbane, the perfect early morning for my second mentoring meeting. The agenda was set a couple of days ago: Sales skills and speaking.

Q. What does it take to be good at sales
A.We don’t realise it but we are selling every day. Selling is not CONVINCING it’s INFLUENCING. We are selling ideas, pitching our thoughts and beliefs to people everyday. We just don’t think of it as “sales”. To work on and improve your sales skills, you need to do the following:
– make sure you have an agenda for the “pitch” that you propose to make
– stick to your agenda and if it steers off track, it’s up to you to bring it back on path and do it quick!
– don’t let someone’s negative thoughts and comments ruin the energy you have created, shut them down and hold the energy.
– be prepared, so aswell as having your agenda, ensure that you have rehearsed what you would like to cover in your head or aloud to yourself.
– be prepared for rejection and don’t take it personally when it happens
– be persistent without being pushy

Q. Is the way you hold yourself and look important to being good at sales
A. Definitely. Without being superficial, they way you look and present yourself says alot about what you are “selling” and the impact of your sell. You need to:
– take pride in your appearance, the clothes you wear, your grooming, even your teeth (on the list to fix!!)
– hold yourself and speak with confidence. The more energy you put into your expressions, your voice, your general actions, the easier it is for your audience to connect with you.
– take pride in the clothes you wear. Daggy is out, a little bit of style goes a long way. If you don’t have a stylish bone in your body, get some help.

Tip: Tonality in your voice is key. Don’t take your voice for granted. Work on having a well rounded “cultural” voice. eg. Julia Gillard BAD, Steve Jobs GOOD.

Being good at sales is not just a technique, it’s a life skill. Work on it,tweak it, practice it, do it.

Parting note: You need to push yourself. Step up and push yourself.

Till next time.

Watch Steve Jobs Grad speech again but from a learning perspective this time