Do you have an aligned team?

I work with hundreds of Accounting businesses around the world and when I ask them what their biggest issues are, which one pops up every time? It’s all about their team or “staff” as they are too often referred to.  And don’t think accountants are the only industry in this boat as they are certainly not alone. Team alignment is one of the biggest issues in business. Why is this so? Here’s what I think.

Lack of education on the big picture
Let’s start here. If the business owner is murky on what the big picture, vision, mission of the business is, the team don’t have a chance of getting on board with what it is the business is trying to achieve. Articulate the big picture and then educate the team on what it is.

Don’t know their place in the bigger picture?
Once you have articulated what the big picture is, team members need to know where they fit into that big picture. What role do they have in making it happen? What effect does their effort have on the success of the business? It’s that old stone mason story, are your team laying bricks, building a wall or moulding an empire?

Accountability and responsibility
This is where every individual team member takes ownership and becomes accountable to the success of the business. Owners, whether they think it or it just happens, that they are the ones accountable and responsible for every aspect of the business. Wrong. Owners should be accountable for ensuring the business tracks to the targets set not implementing all the activity to achieve the targets. Delegate responsibility and make your team accountable.

Aligning the right team
Through educating and enlightening your team with the big picture and delegating individual responsibility you may find not everyone you have on your team is in the right seat or even in the right building! Use this opportunity to bed down the right team to achieve your goals.

If you want to align your team, you need to do things differently. Educate them and help them make the decision to step up in your business.