This is going to be a short and sweet post, but one I feel must be said. As bad as it is, I can’t help myself when sitting at a café or restaurant during the day; I tend to sometimes tune in to parts of the conversation of the table sitting next to me. Now, I swear I don’t do it on purpose, but it’s like my ears set off alarm bells when it hear certain words coming from other people’s mouths. Majority of the time, the people around me are by the sounds of it business owners or managers having their midday meeting over lunch, but the huge topic of conversation these days seems to be around a topic that I’m going to refer to as Generacism, generation racism. It’s crazy some of things that people are saying about the topic and it appears that it’s almost becoming a fad to tag yourself or someone as a “Gen something” and then dump all the sterotypes of that Gen on them.

So let me smash this little habit that is slowly sneaking into cafés near you, with some truths.

GenY’s – Yes, GenY’s can be young, fast and “crazy” but if you aren’t using that to your advantage in your business you are missing the point. Young, fast and crazy doesn’t mean out of control. There’s the old saying of “where’s the safest point of riding a motorbike, when it’s going faster!”… So throw on a helmet, jacket and maybe some training wheels on your “GenY’s” and give them a speeding fine if they look like they are going to harm the business or themselves.

Baby Boomers – Have you ever heard of the Tortoise and the Hare fairy tale? Well baby boomers have and they get it, live it and have success with it so deal with it. “Baby boomer’s” are willing to take up and take on the ways of the modern world in business like fancy cloud tech systems but you need to train and guide them keeping in mind the Tortoise & Hare principles. Patience is a virtue, persistence is the key and courage to stick by them at their pace until they “get it” is the success because even in a fast paced, ever changing world, they are the ones with the wisdom, experience and un-tapped value that you need. Nobody put’s baby b’s in the corner! J (Couldn’t resist)

For all the Gen’s in between and beyond, “GenX’s” “Geni’s” etc, keep doing what you are doing OR get louder as you seem to be staying out of the spotlight of Generacism …for now!

So when you are out having lunch next, don’t order the Generacism… it’s time for a new lunch time topic.

One thought on “Generacism

  1. I am so happy somebody has finally called out the elephant in the room. I find myself judging my younger brother for being of his iPhone, computer and watching TV, but that doesn’t mean he is less interactive with the world around him, it means that his generation has a new way of interacting. It’s very cool mixing the generations together and a multi-faceted company needs to see a problem from all perspectives. You have some great points and I’m happy you brought it up.

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