The Mountainous Challenge I Face

About two years ago I got it in my head that I wanted to climb Mount Kilimanjaro. Why you may ask? Well I’m not entirely sure; however I wanted to do something for myself to prove that I can test my own strengths and limits. Like a true man too, I thought the mountain is there to climb so why not climb it! So up when the snapshot of the picturesque Mountain on my vision board and it has been on the goal list every since. In late 2011 I met with a man by the name of Erik De Haart who was speaking of this amazing adventure he’d just been involved in called The Kili Challenge. He explained that the Kili Challenge was a 2 week adventure host by a School in Tanzania called the School of St. Jude. The School of St. Jude ( was started by an Australian lady in the 90’s with the goal of providing free education, housing and food to children. Well after starting with 3 students, it now has over 1500 students! Every year the school asks people from around the world to step up to the plate and commit to the Kili Challenge, which includes spending a week helping out in the school and a week trekking Mount Kilimanjaro.

In July this year I made the decision to follow through with my goal and committed myself to the 2012 Kili Challenge, which means I am Tanzania bound in mid November! I am super excited and a little apprehensive but I cannot wait to get over there. As part of the Kili Challenge, each climber is asked to raise money where they can to aid the school in their efforts. Donations will supply things such as stationery, books, furniture, uniforms, school buses and a whole swag of great stuff. I have set myself the audacious target of raising $20,000 in 2 and a half months, which is a feat in itself! I ask for whoever is reading this if you would please consider supporting me on this challenge and donating to the School of St. Jude through my website below. I will keep you all updated on my progress leading up to the Challenge and a big post-report aswell!

Thanks so much in advance for your donations, you have really supported a great cause!

Donate here –


Just 21 Days

I was listening to a strength and conditioning coach give a talk last weekend and one of the things that he said has stuck with him and has got me thinking ever since. You have probably heard the theory before all around forming habits and the time it takes to do so. This trainer told me that it takes 21 consecutive days of doing an action for it to become a habit. Something as simple as this was like music to my ears because it now puts a timeline on getting into the rhythm of doing something that may have seemed unnecessarily impossible in my head. It’s the 21 Action!

So, the question I put to you is…. What is the one thing you can focus on doing day in day out for the next 21 days to create a positive habit in your life?

Mine is going to be getting myself out of bed early, before 6am, every day (bar the weekend). This has been plaguing me for a while now, especially when it’s cold and dark until 6.30! To prove I am sticking to my 21 Action, I am going to keep myself accountable by commenting on this post at the time I get up every morning!… It is currently 5.30am so I am off to a good start.

Tell me what your 21 Action is and do the same, comment on the post that you have completed it on a daily basis.

Have an incredible week!