Drowning in a sea of content!

I was attending a function the other night and whilst waiting for it to commence I thought I’d jump into the world of twitter to see what was going on… Within minutes I felt like I was gasping for air after being dropped in the middle of the Content Sea. Tweet after tweet had links to reems of content outlining the 10 things to do, the 15 things to know, the 12 mistakes never to make and on and on and on. It made me think that all this time we have been asking the magic wish to receive information/knowledge/content faster and easier via the modern modes of technology only to have the wish granted to a point of exhaustion and confusion!

So what do we listen to, who should we listen to, where should we look, how do we steer away from the light of confusion after almost loosing our breath??? Here are my thoughts, without contributing to the sea and committing the very act I am writing about!

Choose your leaders
The Internet and associated social media and networking streams have made it very easy for anybody to push content down its pipes and land on someone’s screen. This content is not restricted and is not quarantined (in a strict sense). This means anybody can publish anything about anything which has created this double edged sword of YES it’s fantastic we all have the ability to share our points of view, expertise, experience and methods to produce outcomes and results but on the opposite side there is an oh NO! who do I listen to?, what do I believe, who do I believe, what should I follow, what should I consume? In this light, I believe you need to choose the leaders in the fields of your interest. The ones who have a proven track record in what they are preaching, who can back up what they are saying with personal reflections/instances of success. For example, I am really interested in getting my passive income streams and strategy sorted from an investment point of view. If you read every blog or followed every 10 points to follow checklist that is out there on investing, you would drive yourself absolutely crazy! After driving myself a little crazy i have done my research and I now have my sole sources of influence on these subjects. So, do some research, talk to people and then choose 1-2 sources of information and centers of expertise on your desired topic and stick to just that. You will find you will then gain momentum and progress without taking 3 steps forward and 5 back because you are constantly faced with differing points of view, strategy or suggestion.

De-clutter your Inbox
Do you find when doing your morning ritual email check, which for most of us is stupidly the first thing we do, that you delete a bunch of emails from a bunch of sites, product providers, service providers, networks and the like without even reading them? And you do this day in day out? Some of which you don’t even know where they come from and how you became a receiver! You need to spend the time de-cluttering these wasteful distractions and temptations. Yes, they do fall under the category temptation because they have been written to draw you in and tempt you to further investigate/enquire/read. Rid yourself of the temptation and the burden of the daily deletion chore by unsubscribing from such messages (usually a link in size 2.5 font at the very bottom of the email).

 Less is more on the Social Media front
I believe that sometimes we fall into the addictive trap of trying to accumulate the most followers, followings, connections and friends because we all have this inbuilt sense or need to be or be seen as popular. This is not the case, and I think less is more on this front. Spend some time deciding who you want to be updated by and who you want to fill your scrolling news feeds on your social media home walls.

So are you sinking or swimming when it comes to the sea of content you are thrown into on a daily basis? Do yourself a favour, come up for a gulp of air and decide who’s 10 point checklist you look at, listen to and implement going forward…

My Leaders:

Business Performance in the Accounting Space – Rob Nixon (www.robnixon.com) & Colin Dunn (www.colindunnblog.com)

Business Growth & Sustainability – Verne Harnish (www.gazelles.com)

Investing Success from an Australian perspective – Pete Wargent (www.petewargent.blogspot.com)

Motivation – Tony Robbins (www.anthonyrobbins.com)

Health & Fitness – Tim Ferris (http://fourhourbody.com/)

Idol – Richard Branson (http://www.virgin.com/richard-branson)

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