Girl talk at Sunday breakfast

I got the rare opportunity to have breakfast with my lil sister on Sunday morning, which was great as we don’t get to see much of each other living in different cities. She had a couple of her friends meet us, who I had not seen for years join us so it was a great breakfast all round. We got to catching, reminiscing and catching up on the few years that have passed since the days of stressing over uni exams and scrounging coin together to have a soy cappuccino (not my choice but seems to be popular) together at the fav coffee store. There were a couple of standout topics whilst chatting which I wanted to share because I’m thinking the girls aren’t the only ones rowing the boat.

Post university life
All three girls studied together at the same time doing the same university degree and from what I saw back in the day, couldn’t love anything more than going to hangout with their class of 30 or so and learn the next thing about their degree. They were itching to get out and practice, the passion and enthusiasm they had was magnetic. This is definitely not the same experience I was having whilst trudging through a business degree… yawn! But after talking too them yesterday, they said about a third of their graduating year either want to leave or deviate from the discipline they spent 4 long years studying. They either hated the job completely and wanted out to a new adventure, or like my sister and her close friend, wouldn’t mind deviating to something else within the industry asap. I found this to be pretty extraordinary as looking at the girls and their friends going through university loving every minute (well almost) and having absolute certainty what they wanted to be to now, three years on, a little bewildered, battered, ready to head back to uni and/or ready for a complete change. It gets me thinking as to how many people spend years upon years of their early life studying a discipline only to either actually dislike the industry all together or decide that its just not their passion and further searching needs to be done. I would like to think of our careers as an investment. For a lot of us younger players, our careers is where our financial reward/return will come from for a good few years to come, so like any wise investment choice, I think a little more planning needs to go into the investment before you start swapping your time for the return. This comes back to really how you want to spend your time, understanding what personality you have, what way you want to live your life and what your passion really is.

Pushed out to sea with no paddles
We continued to chat away, eating our french toast and potato rosti’s diverting the conversation to some light girly chat (introduce monkey playing the spoons in my head for the next 5 minutes) and then one of the girls said… It’s just so hard, this world of business and money. One of the girls has been running her own business basically straight out of university which has been an amazing challenge and I applaud her for doing it but she said it has been difficult because there is so much to running a business that we don’t know about and don’t get taught and there is no guidance for the younger guys wanting to do it. Then one of the other girls started describing the difficulty of knowing what to do with their money and their partner wants to buy a house but doesn’t know where to start and the conversation went into a whirlwind of all things finance. So I imparted a few words and I thought I’d share them again. It often feels like after graduating whether it be high school or university and we get a job , we get put in a little boat and pushed off out to sea with no paddles and no functioning GPS, maybe if we are lucky a rusty compass that our parents gave to us growing up. We are expected to coast through our 20’s and possibly into our early 30’s learning the ways of the world and battling the stormy seas because we all need the learnings for each experience to help us grow. Well when it comes to our finances, our 20’s and 30’s are typically our best time to shine and get an amazing head start but this is rarely the case. Our rusty compass normally steers us to the local nightclubs, the local credit card store, maybe a few exotic worldy locations and maybe even the local car dealership. We typically have more than enough disposable income, the stuff we should have after paying for food and shelter, than we for a long while after “settling down” to buy a house and start a family, which could be used to start building wealth early on. So why do we normally get to our early/mid 30’s and go SHIT, I had a great time, but how did I get here… It’s not too late to do something about it, but man it would have been nice to start earlier on. The girls are still early 20’s and now have the choice. They can proactively take an interest in their financial position and start to grow their wealth early or they can follow their rusty compass until they finally hit a sand back and have to start padding against the tide to get to where they want to be. I have no doubt they will take a proactive approach to sorting out their finances, but I for one am going to make sure they have guidance in doing so. That’s what we need, guidance, advice and support. Almost everything we want to do with our financial position has been done before so we just need someone to show us the ways.

Now if you feel the same way as the girls do about your career choice or your finances, I’d love to hear about it and will help wherever I can. Have an awesome week!

One thought on “Girl talk at Sunday breakfast

  1. This has just made my day ! I love that everything is so true for most people I know my age across all different professions help us !!!!!!

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