We are WMC’s – Weapons of Mass Consumption

I was driving to the gold coast for a day on the beach with my girlfriend Eimear last sunday. Along the way we had the tunes blasting. The sun was shining (finally back to proper Brisbane weather) and Lilly Allen came on… we had 2 options, plough the car into the guard rail so our ears didn’t have to suffer the pain OR bop along and try to enjoy her sickly sweet pommy note. We end up doing the latter and I am glad we did because one of the lyrics in her song hit me. she said this.. “I am a weapon of mass consumption.. its not my fault, it’s how I’m programmed to function” and I don’t know why but it just resonated with me. What a spot on and truthful way of putting it. Tell the spy’s to stop sniffing around Korea and rather take a look at the databases of local banks for customers of my generation.. that’s where the real terror lies! There are so many weapons of mass consumption around its not funny. And the ammunition fuelling the consumption catastrophy is a sexy, colourful, innocent little piece of plastic sitting in our handbag or man bag.

Our desire for new things and our obsession over new innovative products knows no bounds. The easiest example of this is the latest iPhone or Samsung phone. Those bastards are coming out with a new version every 6 months these days and they know for a lot of us, it’s a MUST HAVE.. hence the lines of people camping out the front of the stores waiting to get their hands on the new toy. Those extra 3 mega pixels in the camera and the new eye scrolling technology is a absolute world changer for us right??. Today we are bombarded on every device, computer screen, billboard and back of the local bus with new products, pushed towards us. How can we not be brainwashed into becoming G.I Consumer soldiers when this stuff hits our eyes roughly every 20 seconds. Let’s face it, most of the stuff we buy we might want, but definitely do not need. But even then, no one can deny the appeal of online retail sites where it is so easy to fill your cart up and click the PayPal purchase button and it’s in the mail. It’s just too convenient that I must do it!

It’s all the visual clutter that fuels our natural instincts to want more. It literally makes our urges stronger than our will power and transforming our “want and have it now” desires into weapons of mass consumption. We have to stop and wonder about when we will reach the breaking point… Is it when we finally look at that credit card statement, or when the friendly debt collector comes knocking at our door or even worse, when we go to purchase something of actual value to us, something called an “investment” that the good lender can’t budge because of the toxic bills you’ve racked up. I wonder when our senses will be fatigued by the daily invasion of deals and whether we can still take pleasure in the fact that we as consumers are playing a part in a retail revolution.

How should we youngsters fight the war on terrorising consumption?? Are we are own enemy or can we also be our own hero and take the necessary action to change…


One thought on “We are WMC’s – Weapons of Mass Consumption

  1. The song is right we have been programmed to purchase what is spewed up and people go around like unthinking robots reacting to any message that has the colour and swirl of success and implying by having it you will be better than the next person.

    I would suggest the breaking point is already here. To get a glimpse of how bad it is you just need to look at how many people are stressed, anxious, depressed and living from pay day to pay day for the next best things that they must have.

    The answer lies in the question you asked “can we be our own heroes?” this is the only thing we can be. All choices and our happiness start with the thoughts in our heads. We must stand back and look at the facts of the situation without subjective judgments wrapped around decisions.

    Human beings find themselves wanting because they don’t feel complete. The marketers play with this space in our mind. So we go about buying things mindlessly in a hope to complete ourselves and make us happier. Inevitably this is temporary and once the shine has worn off, we crave the next thing for another hit of happiness. All the time money flowing out of our pocket and into the master marketeers pocket, being Apple, Sony, BMW etc

    The place to start is to be aware of your thoughts and emotions just before thinking of purchasing an item. Catch that, look into it, think about and ask yourself “is this reality or a programmed message?” This can help increase the gap between stimulus and response and it is where our true freedom lies.

    We need to grow up and realise we are ok just as we are. The ownership of any flash device is only temporary and will not make me a better person. In fact in the eye of other people when you show them your new shiny toy, they forget about you and think about themselves.

    So, it is possible to break free but it takes intelligence and effort. You need to use the best gadget you have and that’s the one that sits in between your ears! Get to know your mind you will become your own hero.

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