Check Yourself

You know when you have those days where from the very start of it, the world says “it’s just not your day!” Your stomach sinks, your back hunches, your voice dims. We all have them, I’m sure of it. The question is, do we have to have them? How do we click our fingers and tell ourselves to snap out of it? How do we pull ourselves out of our own trap? Here’s a couple of things I’ve been using/doing to “snap” this mood.


There is nothing better for lifting spirits and your mood than that one song or playlist of songs that injects a dose of pure energy into your veins. Well maybe that’s a little dramatic but these days I start with a couple of songs… Black Eyed Peas or David Guetta is always a good place to start. Don’t be afraid to bounce around a little either… If Donald Trump can dance around his living room, so can you!

Clips of Inspiration

Sometimes before I do anything else to start my day, I watch a 15 minute clip of the people that inspire me. These people are living what they dreamed of doing and normally on the clips they are sharing a story/ies that you can relate to. A lot of them even tell you what you can do right that very second to make a chance and jump onto the path you should be living on.

Some of my favourite clips to watch are Will Smith – Sharing his secrets to success (can find on my blog) or Steve Jobs speech to Stanford Universities graduating class. That stuff should really shift your thinking and flick the switch of your mood.

Remember, It’s not all about you!

I have found myself in the past thinking that if someone around me is not particularly happy or energetic, it’s because they are not happy with me! Then the mind starts going to work and all of a sudden, everyone around isn’t happy with me and whatever seems wrong is my fault. Some people call this paranoia.

You have to remember that the people around you have their own lives, stories and issues to deal with on a daily basis, all of which contribute to their mood. It’s not you! And when you are in this situation, don’t be afraid to remind yourself that it isn’t you. A great way to overcome this is to ask the person if they are ok, if they need help or if they want to have a chat. Do good things for others and you will physically feel better. It is a proven biological fact that when you do good things or say nice things to other people, neurotransmitters send messages to your brain which in turn releases a chemical called Dopamine, a “happy” agent, into your body.

If all else fails…

The big man, Tony Robins always talks about a thing called “state” and the need to be in Peak State. Your “state” is exactly what we are talking about. It’s your physical and emotional presence. To perform at your peak, no matter what you are doing, you need to be in Peak State. How do you do this? You need to catch yourself and how you’re feeling and have a movement/action/trigger to immediately reset your state. For example, before performing a presentation, Tony stands in a small space behind stage and starts yelling good things at himself and fist pumping his chest. It sounds a little crazy and out there but this gets him in his peak state to perform. It its the energy flowing and the body thinking more positively. Yours doesn’t need to be as extreme as this but you should find a trigger that you can perform anytime, anywhere to reset your state.

Check yourself

So, there are a couple of things to check yourself with and stay away from the dreary trap. If you are feeling a little low, a little paranoid, a little fragile… check yourself and reset!